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2010 Billabong Pro Tahiti - Trailer

surfing Video
From Langoustine
Uploaded 06 August 2010

"Teahupo'o" (pron: chee-yow-po) has been considered among the world's most intimidating surf spots since its 'outing' a little over a decade ago. Male professional surfers have withdrawn from the competition in fear for their lives. In 2006 a decision was made that the women's ASP event would be scrapped from the schedule all together and just a handful of surfing's chargers are considered true Teahupo'o specialists.

Webisode 1 reveals Teahupo'o via a captivating visual montage that is set against a backdrop of comments from the surfers who have experienced Teahupo'o at its awesome best. It's as much a horror movie film trailer as it is advertisement for one of sport's true sporting spectacles.
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