Antony Lopez - Keep Rollin' Part

Antony Lopez - Keep Rollin' Part

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Published 08 December 2011

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Nixon rider Antony Lopez in " Keep Rollin' " movie.

For Nixon Pro Team’s newest addition Antony Lopez, skateboarding is all about travelling the world with friends, discovering new spots, locking down sick footages and enjoying the moment. His brand new part in “Keep Rollin”, featuring his best skate buddies Raul Navarro & Josh Kalis, catches this idea.

Filmed over a year, this independent production led by Julien Castel re-explores the good old 90’s 4/3 filming style. Within 20 minutes of pure action, French filmmaker takes us all around the world: Mexico, Croatia, France, China, Netherlands, USA, Belgium and of course Antony's residential country, Spain.

The all idea behind the movie is loud and clear "Go Skate and have fun"

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