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From CoreUPT
Uploaded 13 August 2011

Last week a special business meeting a few took place in Tignes. All riders
Coreupt were gathered for the 2011 Team Building, to discuss business, have fun, skiing,
produce content but also to become or be a team.

The riders this was the newcomer JF Houle, Justin Dorey, Dale Talkington, Richard Permin, Adrien
Coirier, Julian Lange, Flo Bastien, Tom Granier, Douglas Favre, Vincent Chenal, Andri Ambhul and Ben

In a cool atmosphere, big tricks and small silly have succeeded throughout the week, with a
packed program: Ski on the glacier Cracy air bag, water jump, wake surfing,
Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Hammam at Tignes Lagon.

Team Building is an effective method to manage a team and create a real cohesive group.

thank you to Tignes Development, and recesses to riders!

Here is the video of the week by PVS Company
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