Dendrite Studios - Perspectives #9 - Selkirk Wilderness Skiing

Dendrite Studios - Perspectives #9 - Selkirk Wilderness Skiing

21 May
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Published 18 May 2010

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Perspectives #9 highlights Dendrite Studios' trip to the original cat skiing operation on the planet: Selkirk Wilderness Skiing. In one of the lowest snow years on record for the operation and no new snow in a few weeks we still found nothing but the absolute goods. We were fed like kings and were welcomed as part of the family. All of the guests had permanent smiles and the staff reveled in this delight. We can't think of a better place for a ski or snowboard experience.

For more details on the trip check out our trip report/blog at

Head on over to their website to see more:

Athletes on the trip were Brett Crabtree, Eliel Hindert, Maxim Arsenault, and Chris Turpin.

Music by Ki:Theory
“The Smallest Piece”
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Stay tuned to for our official trailer for our upcoming debut full length ski film.


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