Downhill Roller Skate Longboard (Lausanne contest 2011)

Downhill Roller Skate Longboard (Lausanne contest 2011)

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Published 02 November 2011


For years a timed descent had no place in the streets of Lausanne, especially on the famous track of the Valley of Youth, (Vallée de la Jeunesse) whose first edition dates 1976 (Skate-Rollers) and saw up to 100,000 spectators at "contest" before.
Here is the footage shot during practice of Saturday, September 3, 2011, a "mix" of different disciplines (Longboard, skateboard, roller skates, inline, quad, scooter, streetluge, Buttboard, skullboard, streetsurf, waveboard)

with music by NERO "Act Like You Know"

Images & production & amateur volunteer Pat2San 2011




Lausanne Downhill Descente Longboard skate rollers inline, quads trottinette streetluge buttboard skullboard streetsurf waveboard HS36 La Fievre GoPro

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