EP4: // Beautiful British Columbia

EP4: // Beautiful British Columbia

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Published 06 February 2012

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After spending a long off season of hard work, tired because previous winters where powder days were easy to count on one hand, Sarah Martinais and Cyril Reygnier have decided to export far west, a journey of a month in this wonderful country named British Columbia ... more commonly known as B.C.
Their aim was clear ... ride as much as possible ... and this, in a generous nature, where glaciers alongside lakes, and where bears come to eat in your garden... A huge country, beautiful, where 4/4 are sometimes useful when you want to use skins ... A region where our two buddies have rarely seen the mountain tops and also their tips, and where you get in shape in less time than it takes to say ...
Add to that friendly people encountered over the experiments, a little elbow grease and a pronounced taste for missions in the woods to find rows with the deepest pow, and off you go for this new episode ... which combines small shred in the trees, hided cliffs, backcountry booters, but also some big lines in the alpine ...
It is snowing heavily this winter in our region, and that's sweet ... the return to reality is only tastier ...
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