Isenseven Skateboarding

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Published 19 December 2008

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Last summer we found some time to film skateboarding. Most of it happend in Berlin and Munich but we also got some shots at the Day Of Skate in New York City and during the Camp Of Champions in Whistler. This is not a real teaser for an actual movie to come out. This is just a teaser for our idea to make a skateboard movie - sometimes, any time, maybe, probably, never or already tomorrow. It might feature some really good skaters and really cool cities. Or not. Who knows. This is how we would make skateboarding look like. A little more calm, a little slower and a bit more focus on the whole surrounding than usual. Enjoy!

We like to thank the skateboarders Maxim Rosenbauer, Mack McKelton, Lennie Burmeister, Yannick Schall, Lem Villemin, Manuel Schamberger, Jonas Rosenbauer, Sergio Grosu and Forest Baily.

The tune that's playing is from a really great band out of New York: Ravens & Chimes. The song's called 'This Is Where We Are'. Support them.


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