Moskito Tour / Hossegor / 28-29 August 2010 / Franc

Moskito Tour / Hossegor / 28-29 August 2010 / Franc

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Published 31 August 2010

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After more than 3 stops all around France, it was the last and final stop for the Moskito Tour 10 presented by Electric, Vans, FCS, Skullcandy and Monster Energy Drinks.
100 grommets from Capbreton, Hossegor, Anglet, Hendaye, were ready and waiting at 9am sharp at the plage ‘ Les Culs Nus ’.
Waves, gentle breeze, beautiful weather and an amazing atmosphere were the main charasteristics of thIs leg !

DAY 1 :
A great first day for this leg with nice waves, amazing competitors, and sunny day.
First heat in the water at 9:30am
A long day got under way with 20-minutes heats with consistent 5 feett beach break and onshore conditions.
The level of surfing was excellent and the Moskito’ surfers carried out some radical maneouvers and put on a good show all day long.
The finals started at 3pm for the boys under 12 & 14 and girls under14 and we saw some killer performances from the young generation and powerful tricks during the Monster Expression Session.

The surfing day stopped around 5pm with all the results, the podium and a tons of gifts from our partners for the winners !
The traditional gift through was just after the podium and the day on the beach was over by 6pm.

DAY 2 :
On the second day, we all meet at 9:30 AM with kids under 10 and girls under 12.
All finalists not scared to hit the lip demonstrating committed.
Erwan Blouin and Lilia Lissardy gets the first place.

A great day of contest surfing, where the kids were ripping!!

The future of European surfing is bright in this 9th anniversary year of the MOSKITO TOUR presented by Electric, Vans, FCS, Skullcandy and Monster Energy Drinks.

Special thanks to Vico, Felix, Hossegor Surf Club Crew that put in 2 long days ensuring all ran smoothly, Jeremy and all the judges, Hossegor City and all the partners.

See you next year for the Moskito Tour 10 years.

Results / Moskito Tour Hossegor / France.

Boys under 14 :
1) Lassee Arthur
2) Paul Barets Peyrelongue
3) Matthieu Moulia
4) Jon Moreno

Boys under 12 :
1) Jonas Bachan
2) Simon Cassoulat
3) Vincent Barrere
4) Enzo Poulat

Boys under 10 :
1) Erwan Blouin
2) Nicolas Guimond
3) Morgan Checa
4) Julien Elorza

Girls under 14 :
1) Joséphine Costes
2) Clara Pola
3) Manon Jambou
4) Amaia Billecoq

Girls under 12 :
1) Lilia Lissardy
2) Loné Lopez Monteroza
3) Clémence Checa
4) Héléann Barker

Best Trick Session Powered by Monster :
PV Laborde


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