Nike Chosen Series - 01 UK Hemel Hempstead

Nike Chosen Series - 01 UK Hemel Hempstead

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nike action
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Published 22 December 2011

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The Snow Centre, Hemel Hempstead, UK set the stage for the first tour stop of the Nike Chosen Series and kicked off the European tour with an unprecedented level of indoor riding.

The purpose built kicker in Hemel Hempstead, created by local shaper Norm, his crew and the Nike shaping team, was the Snow Centre's biggest feature to date.

With time running out in the final well regarded UK rider Andy Nudds finally laid his contest jinx to rest as he powered through his spins, eventually stomping the UK's first indoor 1080 and claiming the 'Most Valuable Player' award and with it his ticket to Nike Chosen Sessions in April 2012.

Andy Nudds will be joined by 8 further tour stop winners from the remaining Nike Chosen Series events taking place throughout Europe this winter.

The next Nike Chosen Series tour stop takes place in Tryvann, Norway on the 7th January 2012.

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Make sure you check out the 3 best tricks from the UK tour stop on the website and show your support to give one rider a chance to gain a Wildcard to the Nike Chosen Sessions.


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