SHAPES I Full Movie

SHAPES I Full Movie

25 nov
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French skier Flo Bastien joins up with the Norwegian Nikolai Schirmer to explore the shapes of contemporary skiing in France, Canada and Norway.
Flo’s flawless style paired with Nikolai’s affection for speed, as captured by Finnish cinematographer Joonas Mattila, create a high octane meditative journey through the white season. Also starring old time big mountain dog Asbjørn E. Næss, known for his appearances in the Field Production films.
This is not a hexagon. You will be entertained.

Lenght: 8 minutes.
Skiers: Nikolai Schirmer, Flo Bastien, Asbjørn E. Næss.
Director: Nikolai Schirmer.
Principal cinematography: Joonas Mattila.
Production: Flo bastien, Nikolai Schirmer.
Supported by: Norrona, Black Crows skis.


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