Skiing Noshaq - A road movie to Afghanistan

Skiing Noshaq - A road movie to Afghanistan

12 jan
freeski Video

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Filmed directed by Lois Robatel & Arnaud Cottet

Produced by Cause

Edited by Jules Guarneri // Sound by Marc Alberisio // Graphic design by Naomi Gallay

In 1970, an Austrian expedition drove to Afghanistan to ski for the first time Mt Noshaq, Afghanistan’s highest peak (7492 m ). Forty-five years later a bunch of friends from Switzerland decided to go back on theirs tracks.This road movie follows Arnaud Cottet and Lois Robatel adventure, with archive pictures and brings you in the heart of a catchy human adventure following the road to the second attempt to ski Mt Noshaq.

Supported by Salewa, Black Crows, Passe Montagne, Mule bar, Algorigin, Giro snow, Evoc, Lorpen


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