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Red Bull Projekt Air 2010 bowl training

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From freesporttv
Uploaded 12 February 2010

The Red Bull Project Air takes a completely new angle on training methods. Incorporating techniques from sports like skating or snowboarding, the largest foam pit ever is constructed to improve the surfers’ aerial moves in a safe training environment. Coaching sessions by pro skaters and the cross disciplinary approach will advance their skill level in a way never seen before.

The exclusive training experience is provided to a top cast of 16 surfers, including Sofia Mulanovich, Mick Fanning, Jordy Smith and Evan Geiselman. The worlds’ best will train with the up and coming juniors, girls and guys. Air training and conditioning combined with innovative equipment design, the ramp and the foam pit, medical and psychological tests and not to forget memorable freesurf sessions, will lead to a new level of performance in the surf sport.
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