SCOTT Colors your City – Sub Collection 2012

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From freesporttv
Uploaded 02 May 2012

Once again SCOTT surprises us with another webisode that brings bikes and art together in the
city. Stop motion is used to enhance a fantastic script with animations and a variety of illustrations
over an incredible heavy-metal soundtrack. Discover Brutus, star of the streets, in a tailor-made

Bad guys Staloneman, de Niroman and Seagalman, set out on their daily rounds accompanied
by Brutus, their giant Chihuahua. Their mission: to enforce dull, gray austerity in their city. All of a
sudden they see a cloud of color in the distance, heading their way. Alarmed, they decide to use
their spyglass to get a close-up look at this potential danger. Uh-oh! A gang of mischievous practical
jokers mounted on brightly colored bikes is barreling down the road to the city, leaving multicolored
chaos in their wake. A long chase ensues, and later there’s a duel—we won’t tell you who
won, but we’ll give you a clue: Brutus betrays the cause.
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