Se Vest - Teaser

Se Vest - Teaser
ski Video
Published 21 July 2010

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"Airtime productions" presents the trailer for "Se Vest", a skidocumetry by Andreas Johannessen.

Se Vest is a skidocumentry, located at the westcoast of Norway. It will tell the story about six up and coming riders, who have not yet seen their breaktrough as skiers. Through the whole season we will capture riding on a very high level, even though they are not big names here in Norway. We will show you each riders own way of going through the season, showcasing both ups and downs. In "Se Vest" we have six different personalities, six different ridingstyles and six different seasons combined in to one story.

Simen Gjelsvik
Andreas Jenssen
Stian Eriksen
Benjamin Forthun
Ole-Espen Aldal
Anders Thomassen
+ Gjester


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