Silvia - Winter trails with Matt Hunter

Silvia - Winter trails with Matt Hunter

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Published 06 April 2012

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I felt the ice the cold air sting the inside of my lungs while the spikes in my tires sliced into the frozen earth. A cold wind whispered alongside the powdered trail and my toes went completely numb. Though certainly not typical descriptive terms for the majority of my time spent riding bikes, these situations were standard issue for a short while this past winter. With the gift of studded tires and an invitation to film with Silvia, Hunter brought us far beyond the confines of the usual riding season and deep into the winter's darkest nights. With tire studding expertise from GP Moto and the brilliant blaze of Niterider Lights, we rode the snow covered world of local trails and Ron Penney's farm as if it were still as tacky as spring. After a winter's worth of frozen fingers and late nights in the frigid forest we realized yet another amazing new place our bikes can take us.
- Dylan Sherrard


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