The Great Glen Way : The Hard Way

The Great Glen Way : The Hard Way

16 May
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Published 16 May 2017

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When searching for routes across the breadth Scotland, the mind wanders to the far north - the wild and untamed areas of Scotland. Yet there are also ways to navigate the Highlands, and of them all, The Great Glen Way is perhaps the most famous.

Parts of the Way itself make for superb riding, yet what we wondered was could we take the Great Glen Way, add in a few kinks, twists and turns with the help of an OS map and get ourselves into some real terrain.

Former Crankworx Whip Off winner Neil Stewart and Brett Penfold joined us on this journey from the milder climes of Inverness on the east to the rugged, more unpredictable west coast and the town of Fort William.


Trails and Ways - Mtn Tune (

Sjowgren - Seventeen (

Both tracks used under license.


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