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Uploaded 19 May 2009

The title "The Present" and the general under lying theme to the film comes from the idea of the true surreality and great gift that surfing really is. In our modern consumer based society, most people are driven toward an end of acquiring mass amounts of stuff and dreaming about the next purchase and or status step. When in fact the real wildly true gift of this existence is just that -existence- and the ingredients that so magnificently have occurred to make life on this planet possible, air, water, gravity, light and heat from the sun all in there magical combinations to let us and all things exist and happen. While the observation and celebration of such subtleties of existence are rare in 2008 mainstream culture, "The Present" is set to be conduit to show just how lucky we are to be engaged in life on this planet, and participation in the one of most surreal activity on this planet or in the known universe (surfing). Considering all the planet's we know of are made up of rocks, gases and ice, we earthlings have the only planet that has known slide-ability. Being thankful for the back lit waves rollin in and the balance those waves give us, being thankful for the fact that at this point in time the oceans are not capped with ice (which they could be), basically being thankful that it is all happening. "The Present" will have an environmental overlapping theme, not super preachy, but just the simple statement that this planet is magnificent and we need to do what we can to preserve its integrity. This message will be main parlayed thru the intro and exiting monologues of ?The Present?, with the meat of the film being the examples of our fortunate sliding life; incorporating, riders of all ages and genders, looking to the past and the current future of our surfing history.
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