Trailer of an amazing Swiss BMX flatland trip in Barcelona

bmx Video
From ProgressivePictures
Uploaded 21 February 2012

Featuring Swiss flatland riders Oli Müller, Marco Vetterli, Didier Genet, Steven Blatter and American rider Jesse Puente. Plus a little "hi" from japanese rider Yohei 'ucchi' Uchino :-).

Trailer directed by SB aka Progressive Pictures, http://www.prog-pics.com

Music by:
JapRazz "Trip": http://bit.ly/AlHC90
Serge Gauya "El Pipirucho": http://bit.ly/yfGLjQ
Chapter "The Colour Of Summer": http://bit.ly/Awhkuj

Graphics by John Chill
Voice-over by Alexandre Craker

The 2008 BMX trailer: http://www.zapiks.fr/roadtrip-de-4-bmxers-suisses.html
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