Untitled - Awone

Untitled - Awone

18 Jun
ski Video
Published 16 June 2010

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Untitled, the new Awone movie

Featuring : Laurent DeMartin, Nicolas Vuignier, Yorick Fischli, Lionel Dupertuis, Alex Neurohr, Yvan Métrailler, Arno Cambier, Greg Perrenoud, Aaron Crisci, Florent Beauverd, Carim Bouzenada, François Kohli, Elliot Maire, Tim Dorsaz, Loïc Riedi, Jolan Chappaz and other friends.

Music : Cee-Roo - 'Black is the color' - myspace.com/bncyrou

Produced/Directed/Shot/Edited by Jules Guarneri.

Supported by Riderscave.ch and Europt.eu

Dropping fall 2010 (Free online streaming)


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