Zuma Land
Zuma Land
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Published 02 February 2011


After endless years of neglect and reckless treatment of our one and only planet Earth it is easy to become discouraged and surrender to the media 'doom and gloom' surrounding much that has forever been destroyed in our natural world. There are, however, still many beautiful and magnificent corners of the world that remain intact and support an abundance of life that we all have a responsibility for preserving and sharing with the generations to come. Only when we are aware of the of the duty we have to nature can we be worthy of enjoying the splendor that remains.
If you treat nature with the respect it deserves and do your bit in sustaining it's future you can feel confident in the fact that your children will also bear witness to the magnificent wonders that surrounds us everywhere. Enter nature's playground with a conscious as clear as an Alaskan spring.
The recycling-symbol on the Zuma88-shirts serves as a reminder for the part we all play in the task ahead. Wear Zuma88 and take a step in the right direction be connected to the fight against the destruction of our planet!


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