Teaser Ecolococo

Teaser Ecolococo

ski Video
Published 07 November 2011



A film eco-friendly? Ecolococo is footage shot around the Mont Blanc to reduce the carbon footprint of the film without dyes or kerosene! 
 It is on a light tone, offbeat and contemporary Ecolococo that addresses issues following: How can a mass tourism on and around fragile ecosystems known for their beauty? How treading blank spaces without an incredible energy expenditure?

Ecolococo is above all a film shot entirely without gliding helicopter. Without being donor lesson, "ecolococo" asked those who live on the mountain every day. Director of the tourist office asking the questions of the future of tourism, hunting, icon ecolococo against his wishes which are seen to preserve its small corner of paradise, a principal acting for the respect of his playground, purist of the steep slope ...
Each speaks freely, without trial based on lifestyle, priorities and commitments.

A serious issue with aesthetics and humor.
Acknowledgements: Air Sports Chamonix, Mountain Riders, Ecorider Ski School, Akitho, babasurf, Luc Moreau
Music Credits: Degiheugi