'For a Few Lines More' trailer - Whiteroom Productions

'For a Few Lines More' trailer - Whiteroom Productions

Willi Neilman
Willi Neilman
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Published 25 July 2013

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After the first movie "Time for the Whiteroom" comes the next Freeride motion picture "For a Few Lines More" from Whiteroom Productions.
Follow the Crew on their skiing and snowboarding journey around the whole globe. From their homecountry Austria to the remote glaciers of New Zealand, the culture experience in Turkey, the volcanoes in Iceland, the pillow paradise Canada, to the endless powder mekka in Alaska.

DIRECTED BY: Simon Platzer

PRODUCED BY: Johannes Hoffmann & Daniel Regensburger

FILMED BY: Simon Platzer, Johannes Hoffmann, Johannes Rief, Jakob Schweighofer, Leonard Defner & more

RIDERS: Roman Rohrmoser, Johannes Hoffmann, Alexander Hoffmann, Daniel Regensburger, Jochen Mesle, Fabian Lentsch, Max Zipser, Björn Heregger, Martin Rofner, David Pitschmann, Michael Trojer, Neil Williman

Song: The Brought Low - Blues for Cubby

See last season´s Time for the Whiteroom in full lenght here: https://vimeo.com/52567025