2016 7idp Enduro Series #3 Millau Natural Games

2016 7idp Enduro Series #3 Millau Natural Games

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Published 07 July 2016


Last weekend, the valley of Millau hosted for the 9th year in a raw the Natural Games Festival with the 3rd round of the 2016 7idp French Enduro Series.

Thousands of persons came to assist the outstanding performances of the international athletes on the festival’s field. In this wonderful area dedicated to the natural and extreme sports, it’s obvious that MTB belongs more than ever to this place and raises more and more the attention of national and international pilots.
Being the last round of the E-MTB Trophee by Giant, Millau was the final step for the challenge that faced some full of watts riders. In a relentless duel that put face to face Giordy and Dailly - the last one wining the two rounds in Val d’Allos and Millau, the E-MTB literally electrified Millau’s trails. But it’s Olivier Giordanengo so called «The Specialist » of the discipline that wins the overall ranking with a highest number of points captured all along the competition than Adrien Dailly.
On the ladies side, it’s diesel-fuelled Sabrina Jonnier that made a huge come back after her third place during the first round in Raon l’Etape who wins Vals d’Allos and Millau and climbs up on the first steps of the podium. A new start for Sabrina who spreads her passion for riding with a killer riding style for her opponents.
With this third round that describes so well the pace of the competition, the differences in the standings are getting smaller and smaller where the tiniest little riding error will have a huge consequence on the results.
The practice day became the theater of a challenge in the challenge, riders shredding so hard that they may have forgotten the use of the practice runs - identify the lines for the race day. In result, a lot of broken equipement parts as for Alexis Noirot who folds his wheel in practice stage 2 what will cost him a 5 minutes penalty. Rules are the rules.

The show in Millau was incredible with a couple of EWS riders that came to train for their next round in La Thuile that starts in less than two weeks. Riders from the Rocky Mountain Urge BP Rally Team ( Sebastien Claquin, Flo Nicolaï and Alexandre Cure ) have faced the winner of this round Théo Galy ( Devinci Global Racing )Rudy Caribou a local rider that came to show up in enduro that in fact is a top rider from the DH international team VoulVoul Racing goes for the second place, the Ravanels from Commencal or the prodigious Adrien Dailly from the Team Lapierre. We must also notice the come back of Anne Caroline Chausson who’s back in the game with a huge motivation and an incomparable strength and joy of live.
In this electric mist of competition, Camille Servant, Baptiste Gaillot, Ludovic Oget and Elliot Trabac - the leader of the Enduro Series, had only a small point gap one from another. With this half-season round, the pressure is getting more and more remarquable and we will miss Ludovic Oget - victim of a bad crash on the 3rd stage where he damaged his elbow and was compelled to abandon the race. Elliot Trabac, leader in the game, also had an accident but could save his day finishing 11th and keeping the lead of the overall. No shade of doubt that Camille Servant and Baptiste Maillot, both in a great shape will give everything they have during the next two rounds in Les Orres and Samoëns.
On the ladies side, Julie Duvert crashed on the last 4th stage and lost her leading position in the ranking. The sparkling Morgane Jonnier, gets on the second position right after Cécile Ravanel. The heart of the competition pulses strongly, riders are on their boost, be careful for those who want to stay in their way !