Reverence, the Kent Kreitler Movie

Reverence, the Kent Kreitler Movie
ski Video
Published 16 November 2006

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A journey into the world of extreme skiing in some of the world's most remote and sought after locations and a look at the progression into modern skiing through the life of freeskiing pioneer and icon, Kent Kreitler. Arguably the best compilation of big mounatin skiing ever caught on film. Interviews including: C.R. Johnson, Jeremy Nobis, Shane McConkey, Tanner Hall, Micah Black, Skogen Sprang, Steve Winter, The Jones Brothers, and their words on one of the most prolific skiers of our lifetime.

Reverence the Kent Kreitler story produced and directed by Jon Klaczkiewicz associate producer Pedro Pineda edited by Jon Klaczkiewicz and Sasha Motivala post production Big Bang Productions footage provided by Teton Gravity Research, Matchstick Productions additional footage provided by Warren Miller, Nick Nixon, Chainsaw Productions, Standard Films, Pedro Pineda, Rob Bruce, and many others.