Arthur Morand 71°nord

Arthur Morand 71°nord

ski Video
Published 07 June 2017


Fifth video of the season !
Arthur went to Greenland a few weeks earlier this year. As he filmed a few moments of his journey, we made a small summary of what happened.
Of course, we hope you will appreciate it !

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Music : I can't do it cause... - LinkRust

Directed / Edited by : Cédric Heckly

Filmed by : Cédric Brodard / Lucien Kolly / Pierre Morand

Rider : Arthur Morand

Sponsors : Barras sa / Groupe G.Dentan / Automobiles du verdel / georges sauteur sa / metal distribution / Pierre-Yves Savary sa / masquer glaçon sa / dougoud sa / Noël Ruffieux / Morand / Groupe E / MG Construction