BIO DOOR (full movie)

BIO DOOR (full movie)

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Published 25 October 2013

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The Sticky Family offers his short Bio Door.
Being a team of skiers and snowboarders, the film addresses for both uni-riders as bi, no difference to us we are all equal (even if the film is found in the ski category)!

filmed, directed and edited by Arthus Kauffeisen.

So you will find skiing:
Arnaud Lesueur
Arthur Demonchaux
Thomas Bray
-Jordan Tuaz
-Lois Bianchin

Paul Meynier
Anthony Cusin-Mermet
Christopher Charlet
-Lorin Boutaud
-Ludwig Bianchin

Collet-Aurelian and Rudy
Romain Lambert

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I thank you and good movie!