BYND X MDLS 2017: Episode 2 – RV Tour of Death

BYND X MDLS 2017: Episode 2 – RV Tour of Death

5 Sep
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Published 05 September 2017

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Warning: the episode above contains male nudity, one of the best methods done in 2017, perfectly-executed lip tricks, and scenes not suitable for children.

For those unfamiliar, BYND x MDLS was formed by Swedish snowboarders Kevin Backstrom and Tor Lundstrom after being kicked off their native country’s national team for their prioritization of snowboarding’s fun versus serious facets. Their ratio, which skewed further toward the former than the latter, wasn’t in line with the team’s regimented program. With that decision, the duo’s chances of going to the Sochi Winter Olympics were eliminated—hence the name, pronounced phonetically as “beyond medals.”

Kevin and Tor have a bond that, described as brotherly, might be understated, as that term is thrown around loosely. The duo are as close as any two riders in snowboarding, and BYND x MDLS is a personal brand representative of Kevin and Tor’s outlook, which disregards restrictions on-hill and off. Known associates include Halldór Helgason and Torgeir Bergrem, both of whom make appearances in the episode, along with Victor Daviet and Len Jørgensen.

BYND x MDLS brought their brotherly brand of boarding to TransWorld SNOWboarding’s seventh feature-length film, Arcadia, dropping this fall!

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