Dark Days

Dark Days

surfing Video
Published 07 February 2018

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Times are hard for dreamers, and “Dark days” is the allegory of it.

Director Sebastien Zanella, who’s work erases the fine line between dreams and reality, has spent the past winter following young "Ion products" prodigy and basque country surfer Andy Criere, to capture his dedication to surfing and the poetry he embodies in abandoning his humanity in the hands of the ocean.

As an experimental short film, the voice over, an extract from TV show Mr Robot, read by Rami Maleck, confronts the eerie visuals to the violence of the speech offers and furthermore, the violence of our world.

The intention of director Sebastien Zanella is to present a poetic & questionable short film, that puts into perspective our own belief about religion and the afterlife.

Produced by Volker Hansen
supported by Ion Products