Dylan Siggers // Pillow Smash // CMH Gothics

Dylan Siggers // Pillow Smash // CMH Gothics

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Published 15 February 2013

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This January I was lucky enough to have Matador Network (dot com) to invite me up to Revelstoke and fly around smashing pillows for 3 and a half days. All the while staying in the luxurious Gothics lodge, a chapter of the Canadian Mountain Holidays heli skiing operation. Definitely some of the most incredible terrain and snow I've gotten to slide down, ever.

More pictures and words here http://matadornetwork.com/sports/heli-skiing-with-cmh-gothics-during-a-monster-bc-winter/

Shot on a GoPro1 and a bit of a Gopro2 and a T2i.

Song By Justice -- "Civilization" [lazrtag bootleg mix], mixed by dacops


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