Earthed 5 : The Law of Fives MTB

Earthed 5 : The Law of Fives MTB

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Published 19 May 2009

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In the chaos of a new generation, one rider named Sam Hill has made a statement by winning the World Championships and the World Cup overall in the same season, but more than just race results his influence on the sport will run deep for many years. With every top rider pushing harder and faster than ever before, The Law of Fives captures each aspect of this incredible race season, but when the clock has stopped running the hungry young guns keep pushing the limits just for the camera, and in a last effort to understand Sam Hill's incredible skill he is put to the test on the 1:04 Dirt Magazine private test track.

The Law of Fives staes simply that: all things happend in fives, or are divisible by or are multiples of five, or are somehow directly or indirectly appropriate to 5.

? Intro
? Bryceland and Cunningham
? NPS 1 Innerleithen, NPS 2 Ae Forest
? Adam Brayton: Keswick
? Vigo World Cup
? Vigo 4x
? The Athertons: North Wales
? Champery World Cup: Switzerland
? Bernat Guardia: San Remo
? Mont Saint Anne World cup
? 1:04 Team Honda
? Decoy BMX Jam
? Schladming World Cup
? Sam Hill: Qubec
? NPS 3 Moelfre, NPS 4 Caersws
? Mik Hannah
? Girls section
? Fort William World Champs
? Bryceland and Cunningham: Part 2
? Maribor World Cup
? 1:04 Sam Hill

? World Cup Vigo
? World Cup Champery
? World Cup Mt Sainte Anne
? World Champs Fort William
? World Cup Marbior

Nissan Sports Adventure Section
? How to ride tight turns
? How to ride roots and rocks
? How to ride fast open corners