Element "Keep Discovering" California

Element "Keep Discovering" California

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Published 16 January 2013

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The Element team took the newest collection of product, and hit the road on a quest through our own backyard; California.


For the past two decades the one thing that has remained constant is our continued drive to see the world differently. Element has taken inspiration from all environments; from the top of the Sierras to the city streets. From the moment we hit the road, the ability to discover never ends, and our enthusiasm for the next adventure is what drives us forward. Keep Discovering.

Boo Johnson, Chad Tim Tim, Chase Webb, Ethan Loy, Levi Brown, Madars Apse, Mark Appleyard, Mason Silva, Nick Garcia, Nyjah Huston, and Trent McClung

Filmed by:
Ricki Bedenbaugh & Cole Mathews

Edited by:
Mark Stewart

Original Soundtrack by:
Loren Humphrey