Eric Rebière - This Is Not France

Eric Rebière - This Is Not France

surfing Video
Published 25 January 2016

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After being the first french surfer to qualify on the world championship tour, among the best 44 surfers in the world, Eric Rebiere became a renowned big wave rider. His new goal is to expand the list of big wave spots around europe, which is a lengthy process...This time is pushing the boundaries and brings his 9"6 to the Mediterranean sea. Who would thought about packing such equipment for a trip to a sea...Eric is thinking outside the box.

Supported by Nixon -
Filmed and Directed by Alex Laurel
Edited by Gustavo Imigrante
Drone camera by TNK Vision

Music by Steven Swinford "Deep in the Bayou"
Filmed on Sony F55 and DJI Inspire 1