Eye of The Storm Episode 3: Safety

Eye of The Storm Episode 3: Safety

13 Apr
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Published 04 April 2012

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Take a journey with the team of Eye of The Storm, in association with PVS Company and Continental Communications, to the borders of Holy Mother Russia.

In the majestic and isolated mountains of Caucasus, security makes special sense because the slightest error in such an wild area, is sanctioned immediately. It is time to rediscover together, accompanied by Thibaud Duchosal, Phil Meier and Enak Gavaggio, some basic rules to follow in such an environment.

The goal is of course not to give a lesson of conduct, it would be too pretentious.
But just to remind us "that there was never any shame in turning back".
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Very special thanks to Alexey Khlopov, Timur Degurko, Maria Sakvarelidze.