Fire In The Sky — K2 Factory Team

Fire In The Sky — K2 Factory Team

29 Jul
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Published 28 July 2016

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Members of the K2 factory team gathered at Timberline this spring to ski the glacier, throw back some cans and have a killer time. After a day of team-building public park destruction, we were treated to a gorgeous sunset. The team is way stoked on the new planks and Clayton Vila, Pep Fujas, Sean Jordan, Mark Hendrickson, Brooke Potter and Dylan Sondrup did not hold back with 'em strapped to their feet. | #seriousfun

Filmed by Nick Meilleur, Jasper Newton and Evan Heath
Edited by Nick Meilleur
Cover photo by Ian Coble

Music: "Cold" by Jeff Kaale  →
"PAIRPLAY" by brothel. w/ divine →