First Ever Zeppelin Ski Drop

First Ever Zeppelin Ski Drop
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Published 13 March 2019

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3 riders and One Zeppelin - this is the first ever Zeppelin Skiing Drop!

Big mountain freerider Fabian Lentsch teams up with the two alpinists Stefan Ager and Andreas Gumpenberger for a gigantic Zeppelin adventure. Their plan is to drop down from the huge Airship on the top of a mountain in the German Alps and ski down the steep face afterwards. Two years of preparation culminate in these unique minutes.

Watch the Freeride World Tour Highlights here:

Watch Fabi Lentsch epic desert ski here:

00:16 - 'Break It' by Sounds of Red Bull
00:55 - 'Want' by Sounds of Red Bull
02:44 - 'If I Could Concentrate My Power' by Sounds of Red Bull

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