Fly over Broad Peak

Fly over Broad Peak

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Published 05 August 2016

I completed 1260km bivouac fly solo in Pakistan in 19 days.
A great experience in a wilderness land. Beautiful encounter with the Pakistanis people!
The trip was marked by several highlight! In chronological order :
- Crossed the Deosai plateau in fly. A wild plateau at 5000m with small relief
- Bypass Nangat Parbat (8126m) and cross several pass
- A flight of 150km along the glacier Biafo and Hisper between Karimabad and Payu. Passage by the the Spantik (Golden Peak, 7027m) and 60km of glacier crossed
- A flight of 120km with 60km above the Baltoro glacier
- Fly over Broad Peak (8 051m) and flight up 8157m!
- A flight of 248km, which is the record of cross country fly in Pakistan

I will peak about of each of these highlights. Today I will briefly introduce one that is most prominent with the fly over Broad Peak and the new altitude record.

After a flight of 50km and a long transition I reach at 5740m on Broad Peak, small cumulus are at 6800m. I wait one hour without go up. The ceiling rises to 7000m and allows me to attack the cliffs and find other thermal above the clouds. The wind is weak at 7500m, maybe nonexistent. Above 8000m the wind becomes moderate (50km / h ???) and oriented north. It is not possible to do soaring on this north-south ridge. I leave the thermal to 8 100m because I have all fingers frozen, it was certainly possible to mount more than 8300m. I make two go and back over the ridge for take images and I'm leave (fleeing) to a more abundant oxygen and 70km of flight.

Video of fly over Broad Peak.
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