2011: Qualification - Skateboard 2011: Qualification - Skateboard

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Published 24 September 2011

333 views Kicks Off MegaRamp Movement in Europe!
All eyes are on Zurich for Europe’s biggest freestyle sports competition! The 2011 unites the elite riders in the Freestyle disciplines of Snowboarding, Freeskiing, FMX, and Skateboarding.
It also premieres the first ever Skateboard Big Air contest in Europe! A 9-metre takeoff, a 5.5-metre quarter-pipe and a total length of 53 metres - that monstrosity literally catapults the skateboarders into the air!
In the Skateboard Qualification Adam Taylor (USA), Pierre-Luc Gagnon (CAN), Elliot Sloan (USA), Paul-Luc Ronchetti, Jussi Korhonen (GBR), Jake Brown (AUS), Sandro Dias (BRA) and Rony Gomes (BRA) precede, with Adam Taylor winning it.