Hell Yes Haines - Almost Live Season 4 Episode 13

Hell Yes Haines - Almost Live Season 4 Episode 13

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Published 22 August 2012


In season 4 episode 13 of Teton Gravity Research's web series Almost Live, Tim Durtschi and Chris Benchetler reap the bounty of Haines, Alaska. From flying in helicopters with Southeast Alaska Backcountry Adventures to going crab fishing, the two skiers crush it from summit to the sea. While heli-skiing, they build a sweet gap jump in a wind lip zone and Durtschi sends it in good style. Check out the footage and get stoked for TGR's newest ski and snowboard film, The Dream Factory.

Teton Gravity Research’s Almost Live series takes you around the globe with the TGR production team and athletes. Get an inside look at what goes into first descents, building and hitting massive backcountry jumps, traveling throughout the most exotic locales on the planet, and the lives of the world's top riders. Almost Live plants you on location with the TGR crew. You will be able to track the crew’s progress throughout the season, and watch the drama unfold.

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Music: “Don't Plan On” by The Weekenders