Inertia - Mountain Bike Teaser

Inertia - Mountain Bike Teaser

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Published 27 May 2009

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Formerly known as ?Piss-Weak Productions?, Eye-Spy entertainment bring you Inertia ! "Inertia" in-er-sha: a property of matter by which it remains at rest, or in uniform motion in the same straight line unless acted upon by some external force. Who said MTB movies were not educational? With coverage of national downhill events to hucking the ?Carcus? gap Inertia delivers a jammed packed dvd full of Australian riding.

Downhill Footage

The Downhill racing is broken up into two national sections with the earliest of the two containing a lot of older footage from the 2002/03 racing season. Notables include Rennie in his between sponsor bogan flannel kit ! The footage although dated successfully relives the last two seasons and beyond of the Aussie downhill circuit. The later section contains more recent national silliness including Mt Beauty, Eildon, Nundle, Fellcrag and Threadbo. With footage of Sik Mik carving fellcrag to Sam Hill skooling everyone the field at Eildon this section only further proves Australian riders are the fastest on the planet. The lads have captured a lot of racing so if you attended any of these national rounds and you did something exceptional or had a large off then you?ll probably find yourself on the DVD somewhere. There was no large budget for Inertia nor are their helicoptors swooping down on riders as they huck into unpopulated environments. This racing footage is simply ?Race Footage? which has been cleanly edited to a great Aussie soundtrack. Like most mtb racing dvd?s Intertia is great for scooping out what sort of tracks we have around Australia, Having visited all of the national rounds it allows those who haven?t been so privelaged to get a quick run down on what sort of terrain they are missing out on. The national sections of the film are my personal favourites and I think the boys should really concentrate their efforts on improving this already entertaining area of the film for their next release. Young Gun Jensen Woodcock also has an entertaining feature in the film as he tears down his local DH with some aggressive riding style. Props to the lads for getting out amongst it and capturing some great race footage.


For those who enjoy the odd huck/gap Inertia takes you to the famous ?Carcus? gap as seen in farkin?s photo galleries. The local lads smash this gap many a time with style and control and it certainly looks like a great place to test your wits. With multiple camera angles and positions Inertia does well to capture the size of these gaps unlike some films which just don?t do them justice. Banshee sponsored freeriders Ben Watkins, frequent wildman Gus Anderson are joined by Johnny Dawe as they smash everything they can get their wheels on or off should I say? Although Australia lacks some of the monster 50ft death gaps you see in the international movies these local gaps are well worth capturing and the lads do a good job of stylin it up for the cameras. What would a huck session be without Canada ? Inertia also contains plenty of Canadian wood with a dedicated section on Canada and Whistler. It was awesome to see Aussies smashing those canuck rail-way tracks as only Australian?s can. With super high skinnies to transition ramps leading into vast Canadian forest Inertia captures just the right amount of what Canadian riding has to offer.

Biker X 4X Racing

Trafalgar is off it?s head .. that?s basically what your telling yourself after watching this section. If you ever need to show your loved ones that mtbing is exciting and deserves more coverage then show them this section! Trafalgar has some insane lines and definitely looks like a downhill bmx track on steroids. Intertia positions itself in the spectator perspective and delivers an all you can eat selection of footage of Trafalgars local racers thrashing the jump infested course. The biker-x section also takes you to Bacchus Marsh for some more 4x action with bright red soil ( too hide the blood ) and tight dusty berms the racing is once again nice and tight and is quite entertaining. As with the downhill footage there is no mucking around with transition angles or expensive art-deco editing this is pure racing footage. The section ends at Rob Roy which looks more like a DH track with 4 guys going mental! The footage is clean and crisp and captures what it needs to capture. Intertia seccessfully brings the excitement and competitive thrill of biker-x racing to the television screen. Although lacking international 4X racing with your big name rock stars Inertia is your Australian made footage presentation. Once again with so much footage of your every day racers if you attended these events you?ll no doubt end up tearing past the television set.

Dirt Jumping

Inertia covers all aspects of our Australian riding culture with a good section of local dirt jumping action. There was no front flipping or 1 handed tree plants going on in this section just simple jump action. The section captures more of the ?every day rider? aspect to jumping which to be honest can be a fresh change from watching John Cowan or Timo Pritzel flipping another 30ft double. If your keen to check out everyday guys riding everyday jumps this section is worth a look if your after double flips or NWD sized doubles then this section might feel a tad ordinary. Notables include Jensen Woodcocks bad ass whipage action. And some young groms killing it like they have been riding for decades. The section does well to inspire you get out and ride.

Special Features. This section of the DVD is quite interesting and is definitely worthy of mention. The Eye-Spy crew have made a huge effort in this area of the film and really made use of DVD?s revolutionary storage capacity by jamming a whole heap of bonus stuff on the disc. Features include?.

* Eildon Nationals 2004 Footage
* Additional Music + Links
* Dirty Downunder ( Base Jump Footage )
* Chasing Rennie ( Qld?s Tim Mann chasing Rennie with a helmet cam ! )
* Jensen Woodcock Interview
* Still Gallery 1
* Still Gallery 2
* Bacchus marsh

If your after some great Australian mtb footage then Intertia is for you. With coverage of local and national events spanning across all disciplines of mountain biking from new skooling to competitive racing your sure to find something interesting on this dvd. If your after the next Earthed or NWD then your probably going to be critical of Inertia however these guys have set out to simply capture the Australia racing culture and they have compiled a solid production in that regard. Inertia will remind you of how fun it is to ride mountain bikes in Australia!