Meet the new Trail Running World Champions | adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships 2019

Meet the new Trail Running World Champions | adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Championships 2019

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Published 03 July 2019


The favorite team of Russian Ultraspecialist Dmitry Mityaev, triple world champion Luis Alberto Hernando and double Western States Endurance Run 100 winner Timothy Olson showed an impressive joint effort today, covering the 127km and 7600vm of the adidas INFINITE TRAILSc2019 in 13:04:27. This collective push earned them the frst of three gold medals at the innovative team relay event. At half past 5, after a battle against the sweltering heat of more than 30°C today, 127km and 7600vm, Dmitry Mityaev (RUS) and Luis Alberto Hernando (ESP) joined their team mate and runner of the final and decisive loop, Timothy Olson (USA) for the final loop around the scenic village center of Bad Hofgastein. The newly crowned adidas INFINITE TRAILS World Champions dominated throughout the race for the tripartite trophy of the new team relay world championships. The German top team around Anton Palzer, Benjamin Bublak and Janosch Kowalczyk placed second on the podium and therefore claim the title of runner-up. Bronze was won by the Spanish team of Raúl Criado Sánchez, Manuel Anguita Bayo and Ruben Vigil Chacón.

The women race had an dramatic end. For most of the race it looked like the team of Sheila Aviles (ESP), Abby Hall (USA) and Kim Schreiber (GER) could secure the victory. But at the last loop, Schreiber was out of power and Jasmin Nuninge (SUI), who ran together with Yngvild Kaspersen (NOR) and trail running super star Ekatarina Mityaeva (RUS), closed the gap and finished first after overtaking the girl from Germany. Third place was won by Alba Xandri (ESP), Roser Espanol (ESP) and Silvia Puigarnau (AUT).

Deborah Chiarello (SUI), Adrian Niski (GER) and Marcel Höche (GER) won the mixed teams competition in front of the austrian teams of Annemarie Begusch, Markus Stock and Werner Sturm (2nd place) and Stephanie Kröll, Martin Kaschmann and Patrick Hörhager (3rd place).


1. Dmitry Mityaev (RUS), Luis Alberto Hernando (ESP), Timothy Olsen (USA) – Time: 13:04:27
2. Anton Palzer (GER), Benjamin Bublak (GER), Janosch Kowalczyk (GER) – Time: 13:32:27
3. Raul Criado Sanchez (ESP), Manuel Anguita Bayo (ESP), Ruben Vigil Chacon (ESP) – Time: 13:55:32

1. Yngvild Kaspersen (NOR), Ekatarina Mityaeva (RUS), Jasmin Nuninge (SUI) – Time: 15:48:22
2. Sheila Aviles (ESP), Abby Hall (USA), Kim Schreiber (GER) – Time: 15:53:11
3. Alba Xandri (ESP), Roser Espanol (ESP), Silvia Puigarnau (AUT) – Time: 17:15:30

1. Deborah Chiarello (SUI), Adrian Niski (GER), Marcel Höche (GER) – Time: 14:51:54
2. Annemarie Begusch (AUT), Markus Stock (AUT), Werner Sturm (AUT) – Time: 15:51:48
3. Stephanie Kröll (AUT), Martin Kaschmann (AUT), Patrick Hörhager (AUT) – Time: 16:09:57