Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

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Published 19 November 2015


Have you heard about Gap ? No, not the trendy clothing brand, and no, not the "Gap" that you need to mind when getting out of the train . Gap , this tiny town surrounded by the Alps peaks .This is where I grew up. If you like shopping, big parties and following the trends, this is definitely not a place for you. But if you enjoy the outdoor, breathtaking landscapes , and sport, welcome !
When I came home for the holidays , the plan wasn't to make a video, but I'm not good at leaving my camera on the side even when I'm off from work , so I started filming random parts of our lives and this video was born . Sure you won't find a store open on a sunday and the closest thing resembling a night club is filled with 16 years old awkwardly moving to David Guetta but let me tell you , we know how to have fun in Gap !

Music : The Tom-Tom's - True Story

Big thanks to them for their incredible music !

Jordi Castan