Momentum Camps 2013 - Session 3 Edit

Momentum Camps 2013 - Session 3 Edit

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Published 25 July 2013


Session 3... Even more Top Pro, Girls Week, Exposure: Film and Photo camp, National teams and many special guests showed up.
Bonus: Night shoot and James Woodsy Woods first triple.

Coaching this week: Joss Christensen, Rory Bushfield, Alex Schlopy, Tom Wallisch, Justin Dorey, Mike Riddle, James Woodsy Woods, Matt Margetts, Paul Bergeron, TJ Schiller, Josh Bibby, Riley Leboe, Austin Ross, Scott Bellavance, Josh Stacks, Mike Henitiuk, and Ken Rhodes.

Girls Week Coaches: Roz G, Anaïs Caradeux, Jackie Brown, Meg Olenick, Meg Gunning, Dania Assaly, Chelsea Henitiuk, and Tami Bradley.

Exposure Coaches: Josh Berman (Level 1), Blake Jorgenson, Darren Rayner, Jeff Schmuck, Mike Douglas, Charlie Grinnell and Kevin McHugh.

Training this week: Candide Thovex, Sammy Carlson, ABM, Gus Kenworthy, Noah Morrison, Noah Bowman plus many more!