New Zealand, So What?

New Zealand, So What?

ski Video
Published 21 October 2016

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In New Zealand, there is a ski field called Treble Cone, which consistently draws a crowd of mad folk from the four corners of the Earth (Flat Earth theory?) who all froth past the brim on Freeriding and getting a bit silly.
This Started as my season edit, but ended up with a bunch of shots of all the crew havin'a'time on a few of the best TC rat pack days of the season.

The POV footage is all from my head on my Drift helmet cam and the first minute is just me, with Cam Mcdermid ripping some grass in a black suit in a couple of clips.

Song is - 'Spread Your Love', Black Rebel Motorcycle Club


Danny Warley
Kit Clinton-Baker
Louis Charnoud