Nixon Surf Challenge 2016 | Ireland

Nixon Surf Challenge 2016 | Ireland

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Published 17 June 2016

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In association with Monster Energy, Reef, Lomography and Jam Traction.

A surf contest like no other, the Nixon Surf Challenge brings together a dozen of the best surfers from Europe and further afield for five days of immersive surf exploration. Turning its back on well-known surfing hotspots, the event adopts a flexible mobile format, giving the surfers the best possible chance of scoring quality waves. In the end, the riders decide themselves who deserves the win based on Nixon’s distinct method of team voting.

Created more than 10 years ago, the event was originally hold in the Basque beach town of San Sebastian. Fast forward a few years later and the Nixon Surf Challenge migrated to more remote, lesser known surf spots in Lofoten (Norway), Iceland, Kamtchatka (Russia), Hainan (China) and this year in Ireland (May 30 - June 5, 2016) where the crew met up with Irish Surfer Fergal Smith who welcomed everyone to his hometown of Lahinch.

As the current Green Party candidate for County Clare, Fergal has chosen to switch his focus in life from chasing waves around the world to environmental conservation and responsibility, and a more sustainable and simple way of life. “In some ways, I feel a bit guilty about the fact I’ve stopped going on the Nixon Surf Challenge in recent years. It’s not because I don’t want to – they’re probably some of the best trips I’ve ever been on – but it’s just not been possible since I made my decision not to fly by plane anymore.” said Fergal.

After a week on the road – driving south from Lahinch all the way down to the small, picturesque fishing town of Dingle in County Kerry – Australia's Chippa Wilson was able to claim his maiden Nixon Surf Challenge after coming so close to getting the nod from his fellow surfers in Iceland back in 2013.

Widely recognized as one of the world’s best free surfers, Chippa doesn’t usually surf in competitions. “To me, this event is about getting the team together and going to a spot that’s pretty much on your dream list,” added Chippa. “And when we’re there – waves or no waves – we’re going to have a good time. The Nixon Surf Challenge is a special type of competition, because it doesn’t really feel like one at all.”

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Directed by Alex Laurel
Filmed by Alex Laurel, Laurent Pujol, Benjamin Durand and Benjamin Wu-Tiu-Yen
Edited by Gustavo Imigrante

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