OPEL air + style highlight clip

OPEL air + style highlight clip

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Published 12 February 2016


The last few days were just amazing! Down below the full results of the air + style skateboard comp! Thanks to all the riders and the crowd that made the event so memorable! See ya guys next year!!!

Results bowl:
1. Alex Hallford (UK)
2. Robin Bolian (France)
3. Mason Merlino (USA)
4. Kalle Berglind (Sweden)
5. Martino Cattaneo (Switzerland)
6. Tyler Edtmayer (Germany)
7. Simon Karlsson (Sweden)
8. Julien Benoliel (France)
9. Willis Kimbel (USA)
10. Bjørn Lillesøe (Denmark) - (was in hospital with his buddy Dannie Carlsen & missed the finals)

Best trick(s) (Bowl):
Bjørn Lillesøe – (Alley-oop bs bonless on the extension)
Alex Hallford – (kickflip wallride fakie ollie back in on the extension)
Simon Karlsson - (blunt nosgrab fakie on the extension)
Jordan Thackeray - (boardslide to bs lipslide)
Santino Exenberger (nollie bs heelflip disaster revert)


Over all ripper zone one:
Robin Bolian

Over all ripper zone two:
Norbert Weitenbacher & Daniel Ledermann

Over all ripper zone three:
Daniel Ledermann