#sTAYAuthentic ep.1 - a 230 km gravel trip on Vancouver Island

#sTAYAuthentic ep.1 - a 230 km gravel trip on Vancouver Island

TAYA bike chains
TAYA bike chains
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Published 4 days ago


An overnight riding trip can be a little intimidating as you step out the door. Did you remember all the supplies? Will you make it to the sleeping spot by dark? Oh, and don’t forget about all the bears and cougars (Vancouver Island has the highest concentration of cougars in the world)...

Riders: Mahon Lamont, Trevor Attridge, Merin Pearce, Evan Blackwell
Filming: Max McCulloch, Liam Morgan
Editing: Max McCulloch
Soundtrack: Musicbed SyncID: MB01XMZNIJO3OT8
Production: Théâtre des Opérations
Location: Vancouver island, Canada
Special thanks: Infini lights
All bikes equipped with TAYA's award-winning ONZE-111 GST chain.
TAYA Chain's #sTAYAuthentic program aims at inspiring more people to ride bicycles and enjoy that unique thrill and sense of freedom that riding bicycles provides.