Sup Surfing: 2017 ISA World SUP Ceremony - New-York ESTV

Sup Surfing: 2017 ISA World SUP Ceremony - New-York ESTV

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Published 11 September 2017


Against the stunning backdrop of the world-famous Copenhagen Harbor and Opera House, the 2017 ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship was officially inaugurated in spectacular fashion on Friday afternoon in the Danish Capital.

286 athletes from 42 countries, a record-breaking mark for the competition, united to celebrate the opening of the event and the power of SUP to unite countries of the world.

"Three years ago, we had a crazy dream to bring this ISA World Championship to Denmark", said ISA Vice President and three-time ISA Gold Medalist, Casper Steinfath of Denmark. "There is no way I thought that it would actually be possible, but thanks to the hard work and passion of so many people and volunteers, we are all here today. This is a dream come true for me and the whole Danish nation. Let's have a great week! I look forward to seeing you on the water in Copenhagen and Cold Hawaii."

The Opening Ceremony kicked off with the Parade of Nations. All 42 National Teams made displays of national pride while marching through the historic, colorful streets of central Copenhagen amidst crowds of local supporters. The delegations were greeted at the iconic Copenhagen Opera House by ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, Member of the Culture and Sport Council of the City of Copenhagen, Michael Gatten, President of Friends of Cold Hawaii, Finn Jorsal, and President of the Danish Surfing and Rafting Federation, Jakob Færch.

Next, each team participated in the Sands of the World Ceremony where two representatives of each nation poured sand from their home beaches into a clear container to symbolize the peaceful gathering of nations of the world through SUP. Report ISA - Euskadi Surf TV - September 2017

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