Tim Durtschi Stomps Pillows in BC - Behind The Line Season 6 Episode 8

Tim Durtschi Stomps Pillows in BC - Behind The Line Season 6 Episode 8

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Published 19 March 2014


In this episode of Teton Gravity Research’s “Behind the Line”, Tim Durtschi explores the Kootenays of British Columbia. Rather than applying his skills to man-made features, he turns the entire mountain into his canvas. After identifying a zone riddled with spines, Durtschi carefully studies the entrance to it. Despite having to drop into his line from a cornice and land on a narrow perch, he embraces the descent—a line that he considers to be one of the most challenging he skied last winter.

Behind the Line is a series that takes you into the minds of the TGR athletes. Each episode features a unique line, jump, or session as athletes take a look back and discuss the moment. The series gives you an in depth look Behind The Line of these incredible film moments.

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