Welcome Home 2 teaser

Welcome Home 2 teaser

16 Jul
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Published 15 July 2010

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Welcome Home Vol. II is the second chapter of our riders' adventures within their Search mission. The team went from Argentina (Matti Radaelli), Germany and Austria (Elias Elhardt), the german speaking corner of Switzerland (Martin Seiller) and finally Sweden with the legendary area of Riksgransen.
This full spectrum of Search missions saw all sorts of harsh snow conditions which got the best out of the riders, always ready to get on the move.
The desire to go back to the essence of a road trip, with a dash of surprise, brought the crew to spend numerous and memorable nights in mountain refuges in the resorts visited. There was nothing better to get the team closer together (no pun intended).
The pros were able to enjoy the first light of the morning to shape and ride, drop and slide anything and everything that they had found during their previous days of search.

« To have my team mates and friends over at my house is always something very exciting. You end up asking yourself if they’re going to behave like on a 'normal' trip, meaning spreading their stuff all over the house, procrastinate on the dishes until all they can eat with is their hands... But in the end it went smoothly, we had a blast on and off the snow (après-ski!). It's really cool to guide around your own riding area, but also to show the house where you've grown up to your friends » says Elias.
Editor's note: we hope for Elias Victor left his stinky socks outside at night!

The film crew is as always made up of Julien Mata, Olivier Pictet and even got Jaime Benicio as a rooky. For photos, the cream of the crop once again consists of Rémi Petit, Eric Bergeri, Matthieu Georges and is completed with a new recrute that goes by the name of Jérôme Tanon.

They had to put it all out to come back with the best pictures and film, Olivier coming in first place with a puke-athon of seven times during a heliboarding day... unforgettable! And if you think that's weak, try spending a full day looking through a camera lens in a chopper; the man is a machine!

The European promo tour that will go hand in hand with the movie première is sure to be coming near you.
Keep in touch on ripcurl.com to find out about dates and places of all that goodness. See you in October!

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