Wild In The Park 2013 - France

Wild In The Park 2013 - France

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Published 30 September 2013


Changing its location in France every year, the Volcom Wild In The Parks stopped last weekend for the first time in Bordeaux, the city of wine, classy students and amazing street spots.
Instead of organizing the contest at the outdoor public skatepark along the Garonne River, Volcom chose to work with the Darwin “urban eco-system”. The Darwin project uses old military buildings to host several cultural projects and associations.
Skateboarding wise, they started with a vert ramp and a wooden bowl, but soon extended the possibilities with a concrete DIY area, concrete bowl and more.
In order to make the WITP contest happen, the boys built a complete street course with “recycled” obstacles, and it is damn fun to skate.
All obstacles will stay there so now they have a new skatepark under their roof!
Most skaters who signed up that day were locals but a few made the trip from different French regions (sometimes as far as the Mediterranean coast).
The three areas judged consisted on a banked hip, a platform full of manuals and ledges possibilities and a “handicapped” access ramp with a barrier.
After the first qualifying heats the WITP mayhem started: festival of tricks, slams, bails, fired up kids, upset ones (not making their tricks), all making the most of the 15 jams.
To refuel and hydrate everyone, free drinks and hot dogs (certified organic) were given away all day, and skate legend Seb Daurel was hyping the kids on the microphone.
As usual he was fun as hell with his French-Californian impersonation, giving concentration tips to land your tricks and instagraming all this “real-time”.
14 and under division was fun but the level went up with the 15 and over.
Saubion hot local George Poole impressed everyone with a festival of tricks over the barrier and took the second place, but Andrea Dupré took the win with also some solid skateboarding and some hammers on the hip, manual pad and a nollie bigspin over the barrier.
Then the contest ended with the Open division who went all for broke, landing zillion of tricks and making it hard for the judges. Fred Plocques skates fast and has a mad style ended at the 4th place, Vincent Dallemagne got quick feet and took the 3rd place, Philippe Denaes finished 2nd, he looked like he was on a mission to land all his tricks (best tricks format suits him well). And taking top honors, Seb Simon meticulously landed bangers after bangers, on the screws of course.
Check the trick fest in the video clip, a lot more got landed but we would need an armada of filmers to get them all.
Top 5 of each division have qualified to the 2013 European WITP Championships in Copenhagen, on the 12 of October, with a live webcast and 5000€ prize money!
Thanks a lot to Philippe, the heart behind the Darwin project, Tristan and his team for the good work, Seb Daurel, Fred Ferand for the photos, and XSories for the extra prizes!


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